Review: Protein Powders For Nutrition and Fitness

A couple months ago I stumbled into Target on a mission – to buy protein powder. This is an item I’ve bought countless times, as I’ve been using it for many years in my morning shakes. Typically, I just hop onto Amazon and purchase the same brand every time, but this day was different.

Roundup: The Best Bedding for Your Buck

Right before my last birthday, I decided I wanted to spruce up a few things in my apartment. Turning 34 made me realize I was smack in the middle of adulthood and I wanted my home to reflect this. The first place I started was my bed. A gal’s bed – especially a single gal’s – should be her palace; a place where she can luxuriate in utter comfort and enjoy the fact she doesn’t have to share it with anybody else. The bedding I’d had was great, but I’d been using the same duvet cover and style and color of sheets for years. It was time for a change. So, as an early birthday present to myself, I gave it a headboard-to-footboard makeover.

Review: How Did I Ever Live Without the FitBit Blaze?

I realize fitness trackers are not exactly breaking news at this point. I see people post their results on Facebook, showing off their run mileage in an attempt to remind us all how fit and healthy they are. I’ve always stayed active, worked out pretty regularly, and maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle, but I never understood the hype behind fitness trackers. That is, until I took my health and fitness to the next level. In the last few months, I’ve seriously gotten myself in gear, working out daily in one capacity or another and closely monitoring my diet.

Sure, I still splurge – deprivation is not a system that works for me, or for most people for that matter. But now when I splurge, it’s deliberate and has been factored in to that day’s eating routine. Plus, rather than scarfing down a bag of chips because I’m too lazy to whip up something a bit healthier, I make my splurges really count – saving them for tasty restaurants and socially stuffing my face with friends and family. And as for the working out, I just find that doing it everyday works for me – it keeps me in the routine, where skipping one day can quickly turn into a slippery slope of slothfulness.