Review: Protein Powders For Nutrition and Fitness

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fitmiss-delight-proteina-mujer-2-lbs-805701-mlc20384358900_082015-fA couple months ago I stumbled into Target on a mission – to buy protein powder. This is an item I’ve bought countless times, as I’ve been using it for many years in my morning shakes. Typically, I just hop onto Amazon and purchase the same brand every time, but this day was different. I was looking to change things up – you know, “variety is the spice of life” or something like that. Twenty minutes after finding my way to the protein powder aisle, I found my brain had gone numb from comparing and contrasting label upon label, analyzing miniscule differences in serving size, calories, fiber, sugar, and of course, protein. The options were limitless, but luckily, right before my eyes completely glazed over, I decided on a few to try. I figured, numbers are important and all, but actually using various products would probably give me the most conclusive answer.

Sun Warrior, Warrior Blend

This is the protein powder I used to use – and I believe you can find it for a bit cheaper on Amazon. It’s considered to be in the top tier when it comes to 100% plant-based protein powders. So for those of you vegans out there looking to increase your protein intake, Sun Warrior is the way to go. There are different varieties – Classic, Classic Plus, Warrior Blend, etc. – each boasting their own unique benefits. I highly recommend you read through the options and even the reviews before deciding which blend is right for you. I picked Warrior Blend from the outset and simply stuck with it because I knew what I was getting each time. But for those of you looking for specific nutrients or a particular protein source – soy, pea, etc. – you may want to do a little research.

Muscle Milk

This was the first one I picked up – mainly because I recognized the brand name. Within the Muscle Milk brand, there are numerous options. From ready-to-drink shakes and smoothies to various powders, pretty much whatever you’re looking for, Muslce Milk has it. I opted for the 100-calorie powder. It mixed well with my almond milk and the flavor was fine – not exactly like a chocolate milk shake, but pretty darn good as far as protein drinks go. I also bought a 4-pack of pre-mixed 100-calorie shakes. These were great on hectic mornings when I needed to grab breakfast as quickly as possible. This is a solid brand with lots of great options for anyone in search of a pretty general protein supplement.

OhYeah! Nutritional Shakes

I discovered this brand of protein shakes at my gym, but was excited to find I could purchase them from their direct site or from Amazon. This are a bit heartier than the average ready-to-drink protein shake, and I absolutely love the Bananas and Crème flavor. I don’t believe OhYeah! makes protein powder, but as far as a quick and easy meal replacement or snack goes, this is a top-notch option. I usually grab one about thirty minutes before going to the gym – it fills me up and boosts my energy, but doesn’t slosh around in my tummy while I work out. Plus, this brand really tastes great.

Fitmiss Delight

This protein powder is designed for the ladies. Don’t ask me what makes it more female-friendly than others, but it definitely has captured the loyalty of this particular girl. First off, it tastes amazing. I don’t typically like chocolate flavors, but Fitmiss has absolutely nailed their ingredients. Personally, taste matters to me. If a protein drink tastes like pureed lawnmower clippings, chances are I’m not going to keep drinking it each morning. Second, Fitmiss Delight keeps me full for about four hours. I find others do not do the same unless I add extras – like almond butter or a banana. But just on its own, this particular powder keeps my tummy from growling for several hours. Third, it provides me with awesome energy. I can honestly feel a difference on those occasional mornings when I opt for a different breakfast choice. I lead an active life, so energy is crucial, and this powder does the trick. I started using Fitmiss Delight in June and have not looked back. Aside from these benefits, I’ve also noticed slight weight loss, improved regularity, and the ability to go harder and longer at the gym. Because it’s a whey isolate rather than a whey concentrate, I find I also have less issues with stomachaches. Whey isolate feels lighter, somehow, and is a great option for anyone with lactose intolerance. And did I mention how yummy it is? While I love all the brands I’ve mentioned in this article, Fitmiss Delight definitely takes the cake for me, personally.

Winner: Fitmiss Delight
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By: Lindy Kirk

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