$1 off Irish Spring body wash + $3 reward at Walgreens!

Irish Spring Body Wash smells great, and cleans and exfoliates well, too. Perfect for any male members of the family. This coupon gives you $1 off Irish Spring Body Wash. But there are more savings to be had!

Walgreens will be running a sale on Irish Spring later this week, starting 9/25. When you buy two 15oz or 18oz bottles, you’ll get them for $3.49 each, while also earning 3000 Balance Rewards Points. Balance Reward Points are like money; they can be put towards your purchases. In this case, 3000 BRPs are equal to $3. Combining your printed coupons with the Balance Reward Points you’ll earn with this transaction will save you $5 in total; you’ll end up getting each bottle of body wash for $.99 ([(2 x $3.49) – ($1 x 2) – $3]/2 = [$6.98 – $2 – $3]/2 = $1.98/2 = $99.ea)! Print out your coupons today and get ready to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Excludes Trial or Travel size. Coupon expires 10/01/16.