Roundup: The Best Bedding for Your Buck

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Right before my last birthday, I decided I wanted to spruce up a few things in my apartment. Turning 34 made me realize I was smack in the middle of adulthood and I wanted my home to reflect this. The first place I started was my bed. A gal’s bed – especially a single gal’s – should be her palace; a place where she can luxuriate in utter comfort and enjoy the fact she doesn’t have to share it with anybody else. The bedding I’d had was great, but I’d been using the same duvet cover and style and color of sheets for years. It was time for a change. So, as an early birthday present to myself, I gave it a headboard-to-footboard makeover.

Red Nomad Deep Pocket Sheets | $15.97 (normally $89.99)

I started with the sheets. I didn’t want to break the bank nor spend a great deal of my bedding budget on sheets, but I also wanted something super soft and comfy. I found these amazing sheets on Amazon and I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand. They come in all sizes and a wide array of colors. And let me tell you – every night when I crawl into bed, I let out a sigh of utter contentment as these silky soft sheets envelop me. While their softness rivals that of Jersey sheets, they breathe better, stay cooler and keep their shape. With Jersey sheets, I often would wake up entangled in them. That never happens with these – nor do I overheat during the night. Cool, breezy and downright luxurious, I cannot recommend these sheets enough.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover from West Elm | $24.99-$109 (normally $29-$129)

I love color! For instance, I have a red leather couch from IKEA in my living room. But when shopping for duvet covers, I could not find a color scheme or pattern that I liked. They were either too floral, too striped, or just too busy. Plus, by choosing a cover with color and pattern, it really limited me on what I could do with the rest of my bed – in terms of a quilt, decorative pillows, etc. So, I opted for white – but I still wanted it to be more than just a stark white duvet cover. West Elm’s pintuck cover was the answer. It’s so soft and looks beautiful on my bed. Plus, the pintucks add texture and gives it an extra something. It really is like sleeping on (or under) a cloud every night, just as they advertise. Oh, and two shams are included!

Chevron Quilt from Crane & Canopy | $39-$169

Since I’d gone with white sheets and a white duvet cover, I decided I’d add a splash of soothing color with a nice quilt. Because I live in Los Angeles, I have little actual need for a full-on duvet – but I love the way they look and it’s always nice to know it’s there on those rare chilly nights. But a sheet is not enough on its own. So, I’ve become a quilt fan. They can be used year-round, add a nice extra touch to a bed and provide a comfy and breathable layer. I chose this one and it’s amazing.It’s the perfect weight and softness, and I’m thrilled with the sea-foam green color. Since rectangular shams came with my duvet cover, I chose Euro shams with my quilt. They are more square and I really like how the shams all compliment each other. This may sound odd, but the word that comes to mind when I walk into my bedroom and see is my bed is “ethereal.” It is really quite beautiful and actually looks comfortable. It’s not too fancy to flop down on but has just the right combination of elegance and comfortability.

After getting those essentials and spending about a week assessing my bed from all angles, I decided I needed a couple decorative pillows – just for some brighter color. But because I refuse to spend hours of my life putting pillows on and taking them off my bed, I just settled for two. Besides, I already had four shams! My favorite places for cute, fun and colorful pillows are World Market and The Land of Nod. Mind you, The Land of Nod is technically for kids, but they have some really cute throw pillows. So, I purchased one pillow from each place and voila! My bed was complete. And I’ve been sleeping like a 34-year-old baby ever since.

A Texas native, Lindy Kirk relocated to sunny Southern California nearly three years ago, where she currently lives with her three slightly insane dogs.  With an insatiable curiosity for everything from sharks and Judaism to yoga and Ancient Egypt, Lindy enjoys any project that broadens her horizons and teaches her something. When she isn’t writing, reading or tending to her livestock, Lindy can be found at the beach or park, basking in the California sun. You can follow her on Twitter @PennedByPaws.

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