10 Back to School Essentials For the Stylish Student

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It’s still pretty warm outside and it seems like summer just started, but it’s already time for the kids to head back to school. Even if your little ones have already checked back in, you may want to replace some of their tools from last year — especially if they’re transitioning from elementary or middle school. That old backpack isn’t going to work. Take a look at our rundown of cool picks for the 2016-2017 school year and send the kids back to school in style!

Grade School

Vans Kids Nintendo Slip-On in Super Mario Bros./Multi | $42

For the cutest and most comfortable kicks for your grade-schoolers, look to Vans. These classic slip-ons are perfect for the younger ones who can’t tie their own shoes just yet, and the Nintendo design gives these more style than the average.

Timex Camper Watch with Interchangable Strap| $49.50

Your baby just learned how to tell time last year, but if you want the lesson to stick, be sure to grab them this Timex watch from J Crew. The strap is interchangeable, just in case your little genius wants to switch it up from day-to-day and outfit-to-outfit.

Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones (Pink/Orange) | $19.99

Kids today are headed back to school prepped for computer class. On many supply lists, the teachers are asking that they bring headphones along with pencils and crayons. Make sure that your child’s prepared with a set of these smart KidzGear Volume Limit Headphones, which will make sure to protect they’re developing ears. They come in a variety of colors too, so your baby’s looking good while working.

GAP Print Convertible Messenger Bag in True Black | $39.95

If you have an upperclassman in elementary school, you know, a nine or ten-year old, they may be over the “lil’ kid bookbag.” GAP has some convertible messenger bags that could work well here. The bag can be worn in one of two ways: There are shoulder straps for those heavy homework days, and of course there’s a long single strap so they can just toss it on one shoulder and go.

Pintrill Heart Eyes Face Pin | $12

Do you have any idea how many kids have the exact same lunchbox? Or jean jacket? Or cardigan? If you want to separate your baby from the pack, think of small ways to make their items look different. This Heart Eyes Face Pin from Pintrill is the perfect addition, and you can bet no other little kid is going to have the same exact one!

Junior High

Clean Rollerball Layering Collection | $18 -or- Clean Ultimate | $72

In middle school, it’s all about becoming a young adult (somewhat) gracefully. If you can get your physical image down, then the rest should be easy. Once the outfits are laid out, if you think your tween is ready, have them spritz a bit of Clean on for added effect. The Rollerball Layering Collection includes Air (a floral scent), Warm Cotton, Cool Cotton, Fresh Laundry, and Rain. This set is cool because they can head to class smelling different every single day if they’d like. Or to keep it simple, grab a bottle of Clean Ultimate and the notes of Citrus, Neroli, White Rose and Bergamot are sure to give your little man or woman added confidence in junior high, all without smelling too mature.

Kiss Instawave Iron | $38.99

Seriously. You want your big girl to go to school ready to work without feeling out of place or awkward. That means her hair has to be on point too. With that said, the Instawave from Kiss is a good buy. It’s an automatic curler that’ll work wonders, even if your kid’s just getting used to doing her own hair in the mornings. It’s really quick, so she won’t miss the bus, and there’s temperature control too so she doesn’t end up burning herself while trying to get the perfect curl.

Herschel Youth Heritage Backpack in Windsor Wine/Grey/3M Polka Dots/Muted Clay 3M Rubber | $39.99

If you guys have decided to go with a more collegiate look this year but you’d like to keep it a little  youthful, take a look at the Heritage Backpack from Herschel in Windsor Wine and Grey. Very cool pattern. And, because your tweens are still in fact kids, there’s a label on the inside for their name and contact info.

Mitchell & Ness Chicago Bulls Tech Pocket Bucket | $30

Accessories are always a go in middle school, and this particular one is practical too. Grab this bucket hat from Mitchell & Ness, not only because it’s eye-catching, but because there’s this brilliant little pocket on the side for a couple dollars or a house key.

HP Laptop, 14″ Screen, Intel® Celeron®, 2GB Memory, 32GB Solid State Drive, Windows® 10 Home |$199.99

Your kid may not be creating movies just yet but, he or she could add some extra spark to their class projects this year if they have the right tools for the job. This HP Laptop works wonders for capturing notes in a hurry, and it has just enough memory to keep their files safe and sound until they’re ready for them.

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