4 Fun New Fragrances to Try This Summer

We’re already considering sundresses and cutoffs before leaving the house, but it seems like winter JUST left us. Did you have a chance to even consider buying a new fragrance before spring sprung, or are you still rocking the warm, woodsy scent you sported throughout the fall and winter? Listen, perfume is perfume, and it’s nice to just smell “good,” but you’re grown now and you have to learn to consider the seasons. After all, you wouldn’t wear fur-lined knee boots in the summer, would you? And you wouldn’t don a floral mini in the winter. The same goes for scents. Along with the rest of your beauty products, changes have to be made. Whether you want to go with something clean and fresh, or sweet and fruity, there’s a fragrance for you on this list we’ve compiled here at The Shopping Masters. Take a peek. Or a whiff, rather.